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From East Africa 2 Your Cup

Experience The Taste, Aroma and Flavours of Africa

Manya Coffee founders, Tawanda Maramwidze and Roland Banya met more than 16 years ago at the University of Cape Town and birthed Manya Coffee.
Manya Coffee has over 50 years of institutional and practical knowledge in cultivating, processing, roasting and selling coffee. The story of Manya starts when Roland’s late grandfather, Yosia Banyenzaki, who cultivated Arabica coffee in South Western Uganda in the 1950’s. Roland’s father, Steven Banya took it a step further and established the first Coffee shop in Kampala Uganda, called Bancafe, and is still currently growing coffee.
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We sources our amazing coffee from one of the best coffee growing regions of the world, East Africa. We aim to highlight the flavours, cultures and environment from which the coffee is grown, to your cup of coffee. Coffee is about an experience of different tastes and aromas that organically grown high altitude coffee from East Africa is known for, hence our saying, #FromEastAfrica2YourCup.
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The journey ends in Cape Town, South Africa where we roast and pack our coffee, which completes the cycle- 'From East Africa To Your Cup. With our combined business development acumen, and Roland’s familial background in coffee cultivation, and processing, has helped play a central role in the ethos of who we are as Manya Coffee.

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